The M2BEAUTÉ quality promise at a glance

Because it is not just your beauty that we hold dear but more importantly your health and well being, it is particularly vital to us that all of our products be medically safe. Whichever product you choose, you can trust that M2LASHES serum and gloss as well as M2BROWS contain only ingredients, whose efficacy and compatibility have been tested and proven in reputable, long-term studies. All products are dermatologically tested and have been granted an "A" rating by Dermatest for their skin-compatibility.


  • developed by physicians
  • dermatologically tested to ensure absolute skin tolerance
  • hypoallergenic, meaning that we avoid using any ingredients that could give rise to allergic reactions
  • suitable for use by contact lens wearers
  • compliant, in keeping with our high quality requirements, with both the German and EU cosmetics directives